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Poland – No Detention Necessary – pilot project on Alternatives to Detention of migrants in return procedures


Association for Legal Intervention (Stowarzyszenie Interwencji Prawnej, SIP)

The organisation

Association for Legal Intervention (SIP) is a Polish civil society organisation based in Warsaw. Its focus is on equality, diversity and human rights.

The pilot & main goals

The project aims to promote and expand the use of alternatives to detention by implementing an engagement-based case management model based on the Revised Community Assessment and Placement (CAP) model, developed by the International Detention Coalition (IDC). Building on the experiences and lessons from the first phase of the project (2017-2019), the pilot takes the implementation further and engages authorities in the current phase. The project team will support 50 clients released from detention, referred to SIP by the authorities, with holistic case management, legal aid and psychological care. We hope that the fruitful cooperation between SIP and the authorities will be a first step towards convincing the lawmakers to include case management based ATDs in the national migration policies.

An ATD pilot project is for SIP an opportunity to test the CAP model in the context of a so called `transit country` and convince the decision makers that the engagement based ATDs are effective, thus contribute to the reduction of detention.