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CILD and Progetto Diritti: Towards more effective and humane migration management in Italy

Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights

Progetto Diritti

The organisations

The Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights (Coalizione Italiana per le Libertà e i Diritti civili – CILD) is a network of civil society organisations that protects and expands the rights and liberties of all, through a combination of advocacy, public education and legal action.

Established in 1985, Progetto Diritti is a non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting the rights of the most vulnerable and promoting local development. Progetto Diritti provides legal and social assistance and guidance, with the support of legal experts and social workers, to people on the move in need of support.

The pilot & main goals

The pilot run jointly by CILD and Progetto Diritti provides holistic case management to migrants at risk of detention, including beneficiaries of humanitarian protection, vulnerable individuals, and people who have experienced labour exploitation.

Linking practical implementation with advocacy, the pilot takes advantage of the reach and diversity of expertise within CILD’s civil society coalition and of Progetto Diritti’s case work experience. It aims to support migrants to work to resolve their cases while strengthening the national evidence base and increasing ATD practice among civil society organisations in Italy.


To read Progetto Diritti’s guide to case management, click here.

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