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HumanRights360: Pioneering case management-based ATD in Greece


The organisation

HumanRights360 is a civil society organisation established in Greece whose work is grounded in the belief that the cornerstone of integration is access to fundamental human rights. It is only by protecting the individual, political and social rights of the whole population and by ensuring access to rights and justice, that we can achieve social cohesion. Thus, HumanRights360’s mission is to protect and empower the rights of all, without discrimination and with a special focus on the most disadvantaged and vulnerable populations.

The pilot & main goals

HumanRights 360’s ATD pilot project supports people at risk of immigration detention through the provision of holistic support. It aims to show that placing individuals and families in the community during the migration process, and providing them with the support that they need, can contribute to increased social cohesion and compliance with the system. Through the pilot, HumanRights360 constructively engages with both municipal and national authorities in order to shift mentalities away from detention as the default option and ensure current legal frameworks are being implemented.

HumanRights360 focuses their holistic case management efforts on people with irregular migration status and those at risk of becoming irregular in Greece. Based in Athens, the pilot provides comprehensive case management, linking this to legal, psychosocial, and educational support, as well as facilitating access to other basic services.


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